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Giant Ceibo

A short distance from Puerto Misahuallí there is a giant ceibo

Lajas waterfall

A short distance from Misahuallí is the Lajas Waterfall


Capuchin monkeys in the main square and beach

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Information about Misahuallí

PUERTO MISAHUALLÍ is an important parish in the Tena area that is situated 24 kms to the east of the City of Tena in the province of Napo in the exuberating landscape of the Ecuadorian Amazonia at 1º1‘53.9” de Latitud South and 77º39‘59.88” de Longitud West. ALTITUDE 425 masl CLIMATE: Tropical Humid (Rain Forest) MEDIUM ANNUAL TEMPERATURE : 25ºC HUMIDITY: 95% INHABITANTS: 1000 aprox in Misahuallí, 16.69 (in the Cantón of Tena)

Important Dates

THE IMPORTANT DATES of the area are a reason for celebration with colourful and attractive festivities with the choosing of a queen, rafting competitions, cultural expositions, international fairs, parades, and others that stand out like the beach carnival and the festival of River Napo in Misahuallí.
January: Festival of Río Napo (Second Satuday of the month)
12th February: Discovery of River Amazonas
February: Beach Festival (During Carnival)
30th of April: Parroquialización of El Ahuano, Pano and Chontapunta
1st of May: Parroquialización of Pto. Misahuallí
22nd of October: Creation of the Province of Napo
15th of November: Spanish foundation of Tena
15th of December : Parroquialización de Puerto Napo

River Misahuallí

THE RIVER MISAHUALLÍ forms a union with the Rivers Pano and Tena and this flows into the River Napo, it´s caudal at this point permits navagability with light craft and the condition of a fluvial port making Pto. Misahuallí the most occidental in the north of Ecuador with the capacity of reaching the River Amazonas. An exuberant jungle populated by millenium cultures that co-exist in harmony with a variety of species of flora and fauna in one of the riches megadiverse corners of the amazonian geography: waterfalls, a beach of sand of over 700m. where a family of capuchine monkeys (cebus alfirons) live freely among the friendly locals, also a varied and well equiped touristic services and hotels make of this zone a favourite destination for eco-tourism and adventure for all.
JACTIVITIES YOU CAN DO: Rafting, kayak, tubing, hiking, camping, bird watching, community tourism, jungle,an etnographic museum, handycrafts, jungle, river navigation, aquatic sports, shamanism, a butterfly farm, zoo, fishing and more.)